Ky Ha Seafood Import Export CO., LTD   -  Hotline: +8435.479.3333  -  Address: An Hai Đong, Tam Quang, Nui Thành, Quang Nam.


Ky Ha Seafood Import Export CO., LTD located at Quang Nam province where has more than 125 km of the coastline, forming many fisheries with rich seafood source and high biodiversity.

Besides, it is also a place so that seafoods with high economic value can produce and develop.

  • Our factory is equiped with modern applicances having a capacity of 80 tons per day as much as a professional cold storage with over 2000 tons of the capacity

  • Along with skilled and laborous workers, enthusiastic and energetic sale team, Especailly experienced management board in fishing, processing and exporting seafood.

  • We undertake that our company will bring diversified seafood product from whole round to cleaned and fillet to customers with high quality is always a top priority.

  • Ky Ha Seafood Import Export CO., LTD will promise to bring safe and quality products, reasonable prices in order to meet the most severe demands of all customers in Asia, Middle East, EU and North America.